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About the founders

Rebel Research is a climate tech R&D lab in Los Angeles, founded by Dr. Graham Doig and William Sutton.


We develop high-risk technologies for big challenges in transportation, energy and the environment.

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William Sutton joined Rebel Research at its founding to pursue the goal of leaving the world in better shape than he found it, serving as Chief Engineer developing Rebel's environmental technologies. William has over 5 years of experience building unique prototype vehicles and unmanned aircraft, including with General Atomics where he led the airframe production effort for the world’s first Type-Certifiable UAS. He has extensive experience with high-tech composites, rapid prototyping, technical leadership, and project management. When not actively trying to bring humanity closer to Star Trek, William enjoys playing guitar and building surfboards. 


Dr. Graham Doig, the Scottish-Australian founder and Chief Scientist of Rebel Research, started the company to turn some long-standing science fiction ideas into science fact. Graham has 17 years of experience in the aerospace and automotive industries, as well as in academia with over 90 peer-reviewed technical papers to his name. His background spans a unicorn tech startup, a Fortune 500 multinational, a THE Top 100 research university, and 2 international electric land speed records. His projects have been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, Wired, Popular Science, ABC News, USA Today, BBC World News, and the Sydney Morning Herald.

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